1. Who are you Martina ?
My name is Martina Valmassoi, I'm a tiny fake blonde who comes from a village, in the Dolomites (Italy).
Since my childhood, I've always paid attention to the things that surrounded me. Sometimes we’re stuck in our habits with no way to escape from where we are, but by keeping our eyes wide open, we can see unexpected things that amaze and marvel us.
As an outside lover, I love running, skiing and all the exciting outdoor activities.

2. Why did you choose "INSANE INSIDE" as the name for your brand ?
When someone asks me why “Insane Inside” I say, why not ? Aren't we all a little bit crazy inside ?
In my opinion, every human being has in himself a part of craziness, some people show it more than others. I want this brand to reveal who we really are, without any boundaries or constraints, in order to share together our joy of living.

3. What inspired you ?
I fed my inspiration from all the people I’ve met during all the trips I’ve done throughout my life. Everyone has something to give and a story to tell but we are all linked by the love of mountains and adventures. Outside lover and playful people like to wear fun and original stuff, so the idea of creating this kind of caps came naturally !

4. Could you tell us why we should wear Insane Inside caps ?
Well, I guess I’m not the right person to tell you why you should wear it!
If you have seen the caps, only one question should remain, do I like those caps? If you have an answer, you know what to do !

5. Why did you choose to design caps ?
Is there anything more useful than a cap when you're outside ?
For me, those caps was the most convenient to create what I wanted to do because it was the perfect canvas to tell my stories. Moreover, this kind of caps is becoming to be a new trend in trail running but until now, no one was offering lovely and funny caps. And as a member of the trail running community, I wanted to do caps that gather together all the trail runners.

6. What about the quality of your cycling caps ?
Quality is one of the most important thing. From the design I made myself, to the raw materials and the manufacturing, everything is coming from Italy. So if you decide to do a purchase, you won’t have only a cycling cap but a true Italian work of art !

7. Do you have a last word to say ?
Don’t forget to be insane Inside!