About Us

From our home in Italy's Dolomites, Insane Inside makes caps, socks, and shirts for playful mountain athletes around the globe. 

You know it, your partner on the trail knows it-- even the guy sipping cappuccinos at the mountain cafe you just ran by knows it. You're just a little insane inside. 

If you love to run in the mountains, across airy ridges and through deep forests, or ski up, up, up, through the clouds, maybe you do need to be a little insane inside. It's okay. We get it. We're family. 

That's the spirit behind Insane Inside.

No matter where you are, show your insane inside colors. Whether it's Type 1 or Type 2 fun, summer or winter, it's all good. Be free, be yourself, show your true colors. 

Insane Inside was inspired and created by Martina Valmassoi, a ski mountaineering and trail running athlete based in a tiny village in Italy's Dolomites. Every product we create starts with Martina's inspiration and design.

Martina runs and skis high and fast, in races around the world, and with friends just for fun. She plays nearly non-stop in her native Dolomites. Is she Insane Inside? Absolutely. And whether you go 1 kilometer or 100, fast or slow, summer or winter, we hope you're Insane Inside, too!


insane inside about us

Behind Martina, the Insane Inside team includes Graphic designer, Mountain Guide and Shop Manager Sophie Nolan. There’s Doug Mayer, owner of Run the Alps, Partner at The Hub Chamonix, and Contributing Editor at Trail Runner Magazine. And based in the US is our Uber-designer, long distance hiker and all-around genius, Josh Rubinstein. 


Run The Alps


Insane Inside is a partner company of Run the Alps. Interested in trail running around the Alps? Check out their guided and self-guided trips.